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Project Management Services

Ansam Constructions Project Management Division consists a team of experienced professionals in various areas with years of experience and indepth knowledge in various domains .

“They does the Initiation, Planning, execution , Monitoring, controlling and commissioning of Projects. Utmost care is given for commissioning the projects on schedule and as per the budget.”

The project management team offers the following services

  • Appointment of Consultants
  • Assistance in getting approval from statutory authorities
  • Detailed Estimate preparation
  • Detailed Project Scheduling
  • Preparing the Fund Flow Statement for the Project
  • Tender Invitation and Finalization
  • Selection of Sub-Contractors
  • Monitoring and Reviewing the work executed by Contractors
  • Vendor Selection
  • Material : Price, Quantity and Technical Approval
  • Verification and Approval of Bills from Contractors
  • Quality Assurance
  • Auditing : Material and Accounts
  • Assistance in getting Final Approval From Statutory authorities


We undertake all kind of projects from the initial stages till its finishing and commissioning.

Client Proposal

Preliminary Feasibilty Study

Detailed Market research

Detailed Project Report

Project Management Services


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in construction requires that the procedures for incorporating design changes into the construction plans be well developed and fully utilized. The earlier that design changes are recognized and implemented the lower the cost. Quality assurance efforts in construction must closely monitor how well management of the design, and change of design processes are functioning. These represent the quality issues that need to be monitored during the quality assurance effort and acceptance testing.
Another area of activity for quality assurance in construction that must be continuously monitored is the development of plans and specifications. Architectural and engineering plans and specifications often change during the construction phase of a complex project. It is important that the procedures for incorporating these changes into the construction plans be well developed and consistently followed

Scope of Services

  • Building Constructions
  • Water Services & Works
  • Drainage & Water Supply
  • Electrical Works
  • Telecommunications Technology
  • Mechanical Works
  • Marine Works
  • Building & Road Maintenance
  • Water Service Maintenance & Activation
  • Electrical Maintenance Works
  • Mechanical Maintenance Works
  • Maintenance Of Telecommunication Works